East Hants District Council has launched a Consultation on further proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) including double yellow lines, parking bays etc for the Redhill Rd Area, King’s Close and the Village Centre. Details of the proposals are available from the documents below, which are also available to view from www.easthants.gov.uk/tro.

EHDC’s Notice of the Order
EHDC’s Statement of Reasons for the TRO
EHDC’s Draft Traffic Regulation Order
Proposed TROs for Kings Close
Proposed TROs for ‘Lower’ Redhill Road
Proposed TROs for The Green
Proposed TROs for ‘Upper’ Redhill Road

How do I make my views known?
Any comments supporting or objecting to the proposals, together with the grounds on which they are made, or any other comments, must be received by 11 December 2020, quoting Ref No. AS/TRO/432. These may be sent via the on-line response form included the above link, or emailed to tro@easthants.gov.uk or made in writing to East Hants District Council, Penns Place, PETERSFIELD GU31 4EX. Please note that objections or comments to this proposal will be kept on a file open to the public.

What does the Parish Council think so far?
The Parish Council was asked for its initial views on these TROs back in July 2020 when its provisional comments were as follows, pending the public Consultation now in process:
(NB: Further proposals have been added to the current Consultation since RCPC initial views were sought.)

In General
– Contrary to a statement in the officer’s report, proposals for restrictions near Hazeldean Drive had been prompted by complaints to the local county and district councillors, as well as to RCPC, about parking and visibility.
– Members also questioned whether EHDC had the appetite and/or resources to enforce the proposed parking restrictions.

‘Upper’ Redhill Rd incl Hillbrow Close
– Support for the proposals near Hazeldean Drive, noting RCPC had recommended during an earlier TRO Consultation that the now current restrictions should have been extended further south for added visibility before ‘blind’ brow of hill but reduced commensurately on the north side of the brow to ease parking problems for residents.
– Whilst noting Hillbrow Close is a cul-de-sac and not maintained “at the public expense” and therefore restrictions may not be enforceable anyway, there was objection to the proposals for Close, on the basis there was insufficient evidence to merit them.

‘Lower’ Redhill Rd incl area around The Green
– Whilst noting reported requests and recognising the temporary issue of construction vehicles parking between the junctions with Keyline Driveway and College Close in 2018/early 2019, there was objection to permanent restrictions on this section of the Road on the basis they were unnecessary and may increase the incidents of speeding along it, as well as denying ease of access to the Church on the Green for those with limited mobility.
– A query over a proposed “limited waiting bay” near Home Hardware. It has since been established this is a ‘technical change’ and there will be no variation on the ground.
NB:  The inclusion of a parking bay for disabled people was added to the proposals at a later date.

Kings Close
– Support for the proposals.

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