Land, Buildings and Assets for which Council is responsible

The Council is responsible for various land within the Parish. It is also the sole trustee for the Parish Hall and Recreation Ground Charities, both of which are responsible for land and buildings within the Parish. Maps of this land are available below:

Rowlands Castle Village Green including Deerleap Verge
Amenity Land in King’s Meadow (Charles Church) Development
Rowlands Castle War Memorial Grounds
Rowlands Castle Recreation Ground
Rowlands Castle Parish Hall

The Council is also responsible for various assets within the Parish, including bins, benches and over 100 trees. We are currently working on a map-based system for identifying all these assets. In the meantime, please see below for the Asset Registers relating to the Council’s Annual Return each financial year. For audit purposes, parish councils are obliged to value their assets according to their original (or estimated value) rather than inflationary-based or deflation-based value.

Asset Register 2016-17