Standing Orders & Policies

Standing Orders (SOs) are the Council’s guidelines for its smooth operation, and include rules of procedure laid down in legislation and additional regulations chosen by Council. The SOs are reviewed at least annually to ensure they reflect good practice and any new legal requirements which have arisen. In addition, Council may adopt policies for specific areas of its work or duties when necessary.

For Council’s most recently adopted SOs, see:
Standing Orders, adopted at Annual Mtg of Council on 13 May 2019

For Council’s Staffing & Remuneration Committee’s Terms of Reference, see:
Staffing & Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference, adopted 2017.05.08

For Other Council policies, see:
Potential Sale of RCPC-owned Land, adopted 3 December 2018
Privacy Notice for Staff,Cllrs & Role Holders, adopted 11 June 2018
Privacy Notice for General Public incl Residents, adopted 11 June 2018
Information & Data Protection Policy, adopted 11 June 2018
Operating Framework, adopted 2017.05.08
Cllrs’ Code of Conduct, adopted 2017.07.03
Social Media Policy, adopted 2016.11.08
Protocol for Public and Press Reporting Council Meetings, adopted 2015.05.18
Advertising Policy for The Green, adopted 2012.05.08
Tree Policy, adopted 2017.10.02
Complaint Handling Procedure, adopted 2017.07.03, confirmed 2018.05.14