Current Consultation on Hampshire (Southern Water) Water Transfer & Water Recycling Project

There is a consultation running from 29 May to 23 July 2024 on the Hampshire (Southern Water) Water Transfer & Water Recycling (WT&WR) Project.

Residents are strongly advised to take an interest and make their views known as it will not go through the normal planning process but go to central Government as a major infrastructure project.

Views are sought by Southern Water (SW) on the Project that covers plans to build a Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Broadmarsh in Havant, plus pipelines to and from Portsmouth Water infrastructure, plus a 40km pipeline to the Otterbourne Water Treatment Works (WTW). This is to facilitate the production of recycled effluent water derived from Budd’s Farm, pumped after treatment to Havant Thicket Reservoir for temporary storage and then pumped to Otterbourne WTW for use by SW customers.

The consultation seeks views on the various proposals to progress this whole project.  However, although the scheme is designed to supply water to SW customers the project will impact the whole local community (particularly in environmental terms) and Portsmouth Water customers will receive the mixed recycled and spring water in times of drought or disruption to the spring water supply and, potentially, regularly after 2040.

To this end the Parish Council has produced a short, 3-page briefing paper setting out some high-level issues and concerns, to be found here:
RCPC Briefing for Residents re Hampshire (Southern Water) WT & WR Project Consultation

Objecting to the proposals will force SW and Government to look again at how to deal with the water shortage concerns in the future

NB: Because of its structure, the online feedback form SW suggest be used for feedback is not the best way to express all potential concerns.  It is mostly about commenting on the infrastructure proposals rather than whether the project is the right one or not. You can complete the form as well if you wish but sending an email or letter will allow you to focus on the strategic issues rather than infrastructure details (none of which lie within this Parish).

The best way is to email comments to:  or write to: FREEPOST, HAMPSHIRE WTWRP CONSULTATION  (That is the entire address.)

Rowlands Castle Parish Council’s response to this Consultation was agreed at its Meeting on 15 July 2024 and can be found here:
2024.07.17 – RCPC response to Southern Water Consultation on Hampshire (SW) WT WR Project

RCPC’s Responses to previous Water-related Consultations

At a statutory consultee, the Parish Council submitted a response to the Planning Inspectorate on 18 August 2023 on Hampshire Water Transfer & Water Recycling Project, which can be viewed here:
2023.08.17 RCPC Response to Planning Inspectorate on HWR&WRP incl Annex A & B

At its meeting on 9 January 2023, the Parish Council agreed its responses to several water-related consultations running in late 2022/early 2023, copies of which are available here:
2023.02.02 Letter to WRSE re draft Regional Water Resources Plan for SE Consultation
2023.02.02 Letter to DEFRA with Annex re Portsmouth Water WRMP Consultation
2023.02.02 Letter to DEFRA with Annex re Southern Water WRMP Consultation

At its meeting on 5 September 2022, the Parish Council agreed to write to Portsmouth Water (PW), expressing concern at the proposals for the planned Havant Thicket Reservoir to receive recycled water from Southern Water, and a copy of RCPC’s subsequent letter to PW is available here:
2022.09.06 RCPC Letter to Portsmouth Water re Havant Thicket Reservoir and SW’s proposals

At its Meeting on 18 July 2022, the Parish Council agreed its response to Southern Water’s Consultation on Hampshire’s Water Transfer & Water Recycling Project, a copy of which is available here:
2022.08.03 RCPC Response to Southern Water’s Consultation on Hants Water Transfer & Water Recyling Project

Previous Water Resources South East (WRSE) Consultation

During January, February and March 2022, WRSE held a Consultation on its emerging Regional Plan to address the significant challenges facing all water users in South East England. WRSE’s Consultation document can be viewed here. Further information is also set out in WRSE’s emerging plan technical annexes, which are available in the Documents section of that page.

WRSE states “The scale of the challenges that need to be tackled is not apparent to most, but they are both urgent and significant, whilst the proposed solutions to them are both challenging and complex.  This consultation was an important stage in the development of our plan and an opportunity for people to contribute their views.”

Rowlands Castle Parish Council responded to the Consultation, which was in questionnaire form.  A collation of its responses can be viewed here: Collation of RCPC’s Responses to Questionnaire submission to WRSE Consultation   In its response, RCPC expresses its concerns at the possibility that recycled effluent (not the same as sewage) may be pumped into the new Havant Thicket Reservoir once it is built.

In April 2022, WRSE intended to publish a Summary of the feedback it received, with its draft best value regional plan due to be published for consultation later in 2022. In the meantime, residents can give WRSE your queries using the Questions tool in the link above, or email directly on

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