Council as a Charitable Trustee

In accordance with its powers, the Council as a corporate body is the sole trustee of 2 charities within the Parish: Rowlands Castle Parish Hall and Rowlands Castle Recreation Ground. In 2015, both charities became Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) and are registered as such on the Charity Commission’s website.

Their Registered Charity Numbers are as follows:

  • Rowlands Castle Parish Hall CIO – 1163499 previously 301935
  • Rowlands Castle Recreation Ground CIO – 1163497 previously 277352

Plans of the land for which each CIO is responsible are available from our Page: Land & Buildings for which Council is responsible. Each charity is managed by its own appointed Management Committee on a day-to-day basis. The Rules & Terms of Reference for each Committee are included below:

Rules and Terms of Reference for Parish Hall Management Committee, updated as of 1.11.21
Rules & Terms of Reference for Recreation Ground Management Committee, approved by RCPC 05.02.18

For more information on the Parish Hall’s licensing arrangements, please see EHDC’s Public Register for Premises Licences Page. The Parish Hall’s Licence No is PL0458.

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