Parish Councillors

The Council consists of 9 members, of whom 8 represent Rowlands Castle Ward, and one represents Finchdean Ward. They are all unpaid, volunteer councillors whose task it is to work together to serve the interests of the Parish, bring local issues to the attention of Council, and help it make decisions on behalf of the local community. All councillors have a duty to abide by the Council’s Code of Conduct, adopted on 3 July 2017.

Ordinary elections for Council membership take place every 4 years. The Council may choose someone to fill a vacancy if an insufficient number of candidates is proposed for election. If a vacancy occurs between elections (eg if a member resigns), the Council must ascertain whether electors want an election to fill it (a by-election); if not, the Council can co-opt a suitable candidate instead.

At the Annual Meeting of the Council each May, members elect one of their number to act as Chair for the forthcoming year. In addition, Council may elect a Vice-Chair, agree which members will serve on Council’s committee(s), act as bank account signatories etc.

All councillors are required to complete a Register of Interest form upon election/co-option, which is reviewed annually. These forms are published by East Hants District Council and can be viewed at Members’ Register of Interests.

Residents are encouraged to contact individual parish councillors on the matters on which they lead, both in terms of topic and geographical areas of the Parish.  These are listed in their entries below, and may be subject to change.

Parish Councillors

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