Planning Information


The Council has been involved with the development of various local plans in the past, namely the Village Design Statement 2000, the Parish Plan 2008 to 2018 and the Local Landscape Character Assessment 2012. More recently, the Council has agreed to develop a Neighbourhood Plan and a separate Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been created to manage the process.


The Council has the right to be notified of planning applications within the Parish, and to express its views to the planning authority, in this case East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) or South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA).

Normally, the Council forms its views regarding specific planning applications or issues as part of its monthly Council meetings. Details of the applications or issues to be discussed can be viewed on the agenda for each meeting.

Whilst the planning authority may not agree with the Council’s views, it must consider its views before it decides to grant or refuse permission for the development. Many decisions are delegated to the case officer for that particular application. Central to the decision-making process are ‘material considerations’ – issues that are, in law, material or relevant to a planning application.

The Council’s recommendations on any applications must fit with the statutory Local Development Plans. Parts 1 and 2 of EHDC’s Local Plan have now been adopted, and the Council took part in the consultation process for both. Part 3 is due to follow in 2017.

The planning authority is responsible for development control, where development is managed through planning applications.

Residents and other interested parties may find the following websites of use when researching planning matters:

Residents are also advised to liaise with the local planning authority if they are planning to extend their homes. EHDC’s guidance on this is due to be incorporated in Part 3 of EHDC’s Local Plan in 2017.

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