The public consultation on EHDC’s parking restriction proposals for Redhill Rd, Links Lane and Uplands Rd in Rowlands Castle is now open. Amongst the proposals is the prohibition or time-limited restriction of waiting on sections of all 3 roads. The consultation also concerns parts of Horndean. Related documents are included below, and are also available to view at EHDC’s offices, on and at Horndean Library. Residents are urged to review the proposals and respond to the consultation by the closing date of 27 July 2018 via the weblink quote above, by email to or in writing to East Hampshire District Council, Penns Place, Petersfield GU31 4EX.

EHDC’s Notice of TRO Proposals, dated 6 July 2018
TRO Proposals for Redhill Road
TRO Proposals for Uplands Road
TRO Proposals for Links Lane

The Parish Council considered and agreed its response at its Meeting on 16 July 2018, which was attended by many residents who gave their opinions on the proposals. The Parish Council’s response to the consultation can be found here: RCPC’s Response to Proposed TROs July 2018