Vacancies for 2 Parish Councillors Posted September 2, 2016 by Lisa Walker


The main roles of the Council are, proactively, to:

  • Care for the interests of the Parish and manage its assets
  • Identify and implement needs and opportunities in the Parish
  • Comment on planning matters and liaise with local representatives

The Council is or will soon be pursuing the following projects as priorities:

  • Provision of Defibrillators and Cycle Parking in the Parish
  • Initiatives to make the most of being a ‘Gateway’ to the National Park
  • Refurbishment of original parts of Pavilion, now extension is finished
  • Renovation and upgrade of Rec Ground Play Equipment
  • Improvements to Rec Ground pitch surfaces
  • Overhaul of the Council’s website, including use of social media
  • Enhance liaison with other stakeholders

The Council is supported in its work by the Clerk to the Council, and its other employees.

Further information is available from the Parish Office (see details below).  If you think this could be for you, please contact the Clerk to Council by 19 June 2015 with a note of your relevant experience and interests.