RCPC is concerned that the highways and drainage systems of many of the new developments in the Parish are not, and probably won’t be, adopted by Hampshire County Council (HCC). RCPC is urging that developers be obliged to meet the minimum standards to ensure such infrastructure can be adopted. Otherwise, the responsibility for it will invariably lie with an appointed management company. RCPC wants to ensure such companies undertake the required maintenance and repairs of such infrastructure in a timely fashion so as to avoid future issues for the development and surrounding areas. It is also concerned about the future financial implications for residents living in these development in maintaining these systems.

In March 2019, RCPC responded to HCC’s Consultation on its draft Highways Authority Road Adoption Policy. A copy of the response can be found here: RCPC’s Response to HCC Consultation on Road Adoption 14.03.19
In May 2019, RCPC expressed its concerns to HCC about such issues specifically relating to the Montague Green Development, off Whichers Gate Road. A copy of the correspondence can be found here: Letter to HCC re Adoption of roads in Montague Green Development aka Oaklands II