Rowlands Castle 2018 Firework Display Posted July 19, 2018 by Lisa Walker

The Rowlands Castle Association (RCA) and Rowlands Castle Parish Council (RCPC) have been working closely together to address crowd safety concerns over the annual Fireworks Display at the Rowlands Castle Recreation Ground. There has been a significant increase in numbers attending the event over the last 2 years and there is currently only one public accessway for the Ground.

Both organisations have studied various professional advice/documentation on the matter. As organisers of the event, the RCA has applied to the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), co-ordinated by East Hants District Council, and awaits its response. If the SAG permits the event, then RCPC and RCA have agreed measures to allow the event to proceed. This will include the limiting of numbers with the paramount concern being crowd safety. Both organisations are hopeful of finding a way to hold the event, having successfully addressed the safety concerns.

For future years, RCPC will consider the feasibility of adding an additional accessway at the Rec but space for this is limited, and would require consultation with various authorities, residents etc.

Rowlands Castle Parish Council and Rowlands Castle Association