Polling Station Changes – X marks the spot! Posted March 8, 2019 by Lisa Walker

EHDC advises electors to make sure they know where to vote in the local elections on Thursday 2 May. Many of East Hampshire’s polling stations have been changed this time around and residents must check before they head out to vote. The changes have come about following a review of the ward boundaries by the Local Government Boundary Commission. This means that on Thursday 2 May people expecting to vote for their town, parish or district councillor may turn up to their usual polling station and find they are expected to vote elsewhere.

EHDC’s campaign will seek to encourage voters to check their polling station online before they vote. Voters can find out where their polling station is by going to www.easthants.gov.uk/elections-may-2019 or by telephoning 01730 234350. Every voter will also be sent a poll card with the correct polling station address printed on it.

Gill Kneller, EHDC Chief Executive, said: “A lot of our polling stations have moved this time so don’t get caught out, make sure you check where you polling station is before you set off to votYou can check online or give our team a call and every polling card will have your polling station clearly marked. We want as many people to turn out and vote in the local elections as possible so make sure you know where to go on the day!”