Love Trees? Become a Tree Warden Posted January 16, 2020 by Lisa Walker

Tree-lovers are being called to a meeting in January as part of a bid to relaunch a Tree Warden Scheme in East Hampshire. East Hampshire District Council is looking to recruit volunteers willing to take on tasks to protect and nurture the District’s trees.

On Monday 27 January 2020 a Meeting will be held at 7.30pm, in Petersfield Festival Hall, to describe the role of tree wardens and encourage people to step forward. Speakers will include Pippa Greenwood, the well-known gardening expert, Jon Stokes from the Tree Council, Dr Kieron Doick from Forest Research and Dr Andy Moffat, a tree and environmental consultant. There will be a Q and A session as well. Anyone with an interest in trees and their local environment is welcome to attend.

For more information about becoming a tree warden, please contact EHDC Arboricultural officer Kevin Peters on or 02932 446485.