There will be an informal discussion regarding the future of the Annual Fireworks Display immediately after the Rowlands Castle Association AGM on Monday 18 February 2019, which is due to start at 7pm in the Parish Hall. It will provide an opportunity to talk about the Fireworks Display, ask questions and air concerns. The discussion is intended to be a forerunner to a formal consultation process to begin shortly about proposals to create a 2nd exit from the Recreation Ground for emergencies only.

By way of background, the Rowlands Castle Association (RCA) has been organising the Annual Fireworks Display for 40 years. In recent years, the RCA Committee has become concerned about crowd safety at the event, which takes place on Rowlands Castle Recreation Ground. It has been considering how best to meet current health and safety legislation and thus ensure the future safety of the event. These considerations have led it to approach Rowlands Castle Parish Council (the trustee) about the feasibility of providing a 2nd exit from the Recreation Ground, for use in emergencies only. As a consequence, a joint Working Party has been appointed to investigate the matter further. It consists of 2 representatives from both the RCA and RCPC, together with a representative from the Ground’s Management Committee.

The Working Party has now produced a Statement, which explains more of the background to the current issues together with proposals to address the challenges. The Statement is available here: Working Party Statement re Future of Fireworks Feb 2019.
There will also be printed copies of the Statement available at the discussion after the RCA AGM.