EHDC Local Plan – Launch of Consultation Posted February 17, 2019 by Lisa Walker

Now is your chance to shape the future of where you live as the EHDC Local Plan Consultation is launched. The six-week consultation period began on Tuesday 5 February and will give you the chance to comment on policies covering housing, employment, infrastructure and the environment.

Finding out more
Ten drop-in sessions are being planned around the District where residents will be able to talk to experts and find out more about the proposals. Residents can then submit comments online using the council’s website. The Plan only covers areas in East Hampshire outside the South Downs National Park – less than half the District. This includes Alton and the surrounding area as well as Whitehill & Bordon and the southern parishes of Horndean, Clanfield and Rowlands Castle. The drop-in sessions will all be held in those areas. Information will also be available on the best way to try to make changes to the plan. Find out more at

Local drop-in sessions
Horndean – Saturday 23 February from 10am to 4pm at Barton Hall
Rowlands Castle – Monday 25 February from 3.30pm to 8.30pm at the Parish Hall

Making your views count
Try to make sure your comment includes new facts or information that has not already been taken into account by the planning team. Petitions or multiple copies of a letter will not add extra strength to the points it makes. If the comment is relevant it does not matter how many times it is repeated. Try to refer to the relevant policy number so the planning team can match your comment to the right part of the plan. Concentrate on planning issues – local knowledge is invaluable but non-planning issues, such as disruption during construction or local property prices cannot be taken into account. Don’t be afraid to say yes to anything you agree with. If someone else objects and there is no evidence of public support, it could be changed.