There is a very important consultation taking place over the next 6 weeks until 15 October 2019. For the next stage of its Local Plan, East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) is asking where in the District 2 new development sites of up to 1000 units each should be built over the next 10 years or so.

There are 10 possible sites of which 2 will be chosen. One of the sites is in Rowlands Castle Parish and adjoins the already planned development known as Land East of Horndean (for 800 units). Taken together this would mean up to 1800 houses, a new primary school, community facilities, employment units and provision for traveller pitches on the land around Blendworth, Pyle Lane and Manor Lodge Road/Havant Road. There are no substantive proposals at present to improve the infrastructure (including surrounding roads) but this may change at some stage. Effectively this will create another large village/mini-town on what is at present largely a green field site. Follow this link for EHDC’s 2-page Summary of its proposals for this site: EHDC’s Briefing on Prospective Large Development Site – Extension of Land East of Horndean Sept 2019

Once chosen, the 2 sites will be included in EHDC’s Local Plan covering development until 2036.

Residents’ comments matter so don’t let this decision be made through inertia. Other resident groups are already organised and commenting on some of the other development sites. If we don’t take an interest now, it may be too late to influence the decision down the line.

So if this concerns/affects you (and it probably does one way or the other), then attend one of the local consultations at Bartons Hall, Horndean PO8 9PQ:

Saturday 7th September between 10am and 2pm, and/or
Monday 23rd September between 4pm and 7pm – further details attached – and then fill in a comments card.

Consultation documents and Comment Forms can be also be viewed at and These documents are also available to view at the Parish Office above Rowlands Home Hardware. Where possible, comments should be submitted electronically via EHDC’s online portal: Where this is not possible, comments can also be emailed to or posted to the Planning Policy Dept at EHDC.